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Top Reasons for Not Using Marketing and SEO

Reasons You Don’t Need SEO and Marketing

There are hundreds of online professionals trying to force SEO and marketing down your throat. These professionals list off reasons  you need to have their services. But really, is that something you need?

Here are some ways that not using SEO and marketing will help you.

It Saves Time and Money. Who wants to spend countless hours shipping products by being one of the top ranked websites? When you don’t use SEO and marketing, you cut down the hours spent shipping and on shipping expenses.

Avoid Phone Calls. Your phone was meant… Continue reading

Using Content to Sell Products and Services

image44If you are currently marketing your business online and have not put a great deal of thought into the content on your website, you may be making an incredibly costly mistake.

The content on your website is invaluable for a number of reasons.

First of all it gives visitors to your website their first impression of your business and the products and services you offer.

Additionally, well written content can be instrumental in selling your products and services to your potential customers.

Finally, the content on your website can influence the size of the target audience you are able to… Continue reading

Content, Copy and User Experience. Why Translating Your Content May be a Good Idea.

With English still the number one language in the world, there is a tendency for website designers and owners to concentrate on that language alone. We see more than 500 million English-speaking internet users and forget there is anything else until we need it. The reality is that the internet is a global marketplace.  Even if all you’re using is software translation, having it available to your users may be a wonderful idea that will help you to sell more products and services.

What are the reasons we need to consider website translation? Translation into multiple languages is important.… Continue reading