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Content, Copy and User Experience. Why Translating Your Content May be a Good Idea.

With English still the number one language in the world, there is a tendency for website designers and owners to concentrate on that language alone. We see more than 500 million English-speaking internet users and forget there is anything else until we need it. The reality is that the internet is a global marketplace.  Even if all you’re using is software translation, having it available to your users may be a wonderful idea that will help you to sell more products and services.

What are the reasons we need to consider website translation? Translation into multiple languages is important. The top five reasons why you need to translate your websites into different languages are listed below. Each of them is a reason in its own right for a professional website translation.

**The world is a global marketplace, presenting challenges to doing business. Your advertising medium must also be global in nature. Accounting for other languages is one of the challenges to that.Website localization will help you to be able to say precisely what you want to say, without mistakes in keywords. Even in the US, there are multiple people who do not speak English. Having your products and services translated by a service or by a software may help your sales dramatically.

Offering articles and content in other languages must be done in order to properly advertise your business. Google, among others, offers a website translation widget. These may be helpful for articles that you offer, but for overall website translation and for high end companies,they are probably not sufficient. It helps if you are working with a local translation service to offer you translations that can be used to offer your business to the world.

More than two-thirds of the world will view your website and be unable to understand it. At least accounting for the second and third most common languages of the world is a necessity if you are to sell your products or your services globally. (Those languages are Chinese and Spanish.) Using a translator who knows a little about your business will be beneficial for you too. Free translators can be helpful, but are perhaps not the best option.

If you are using your website for your business and are in the business of making money with it, you are missing out on a huge amount of potential business every day. About 75% of all website visitors will use another language aside from English. French or Chinese visitors will see the keyword terms differently, so accounting for those keyword changes is also important. Your keywords will be different in French than they are in English.

The keyword terms for your website will not be the same if they are not carefully translated. Your website translation service should be done by a professional translation team or at least a competent translator. In most cases, the software translation will simply not be enough, depending of course on the translation software that you use.

Different cultures will view your keyword terms in a different way. One good example of this is the French translation of automobile insurance, which may be precisely translated as ‘l’assurance automobile’ but is not the best and most precise keyword term to sell auto insurance to a French speaking person. Your keyword research should ideally be done in the language that you are translating into, so that you get your keywords correct as well.

If you are serious about making money from your website, it is imperative to localize your content for those customers who do not speak English. Offering not only translation of words, but of customs and cultures is imperative in order to make your website understandable and beneficial to those whose first language is not English.

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