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Top Reasons for Not Using Marketing and SEO

Reasons You Don’t Need SEO and Marketing

There are hundreds of online professionals trying to force SEO and marketing down your throat. These professionals list off reasons  you need to have their services. But really, is that something you need?

Here are some ways that not using SEO and marketing will help you.

It Saves Time and Money. Who wants to spend countless hours shipping products by being one of the top ranked websites? When you don’t use SEO and marketing, you cut down the hours spent shipping and on shipping expenses.

Avoid Phone Calls. Your phone was meant for playing Candy Crush, not answering the calls of prospective clients. Skip out on SEO and marketing and never worry about customers calling you when you’re just about to win again.

Never Worry About Your Rank. Chances are you know a professional who is always upset about where they are ranking on the different search engines. Don’t bother with SEO and marketing, and you won’t have to worry about where you rank. Leave it up to fate instead!

Let The Competition Waste Their Funds and Time. Your competition can deal with the bulk of the customers looking for their products and services. As they are spending their advertising dollars on getting in front of those people, you can just swoop in on their Facebook page and mention you like your own services with a fake profile. Hey, it takes a few seconds and there’s bound to be some people who will click that link.

If these reasons all look great to you, then don’t waste your money on SEO and marketing. But if this list makes you realize that it is far more important than you realized, take a moment to contact us today for a free site audit. .

We’ll be more than happy to help boost your business .

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